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28-Oct-2015 Spotlight Reporting

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Graphs can be worth a thousand numbers

We’ve all heard the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe, when advising your clients on their businesses, graphs and charts have the same impact on numbers. Graphs and charts condense large amounts of information into easy to understandable formats that can clearly and effectively communicated. With approximately 65% of people being mainly visual learners, meaning they easily pick up information with their eyes and prefer to be taught something by seeing it in a graphical manner. This is especially relevant when there is a lot of data and complex material to understand. Delivering information that’s pertinent to their business and in a visual way gives your client the greatest chance of understanding, implementing and valuing your advice.

28-Oct-2015 Unleashed

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The Importance of Change Management When Introducing New Software

For business owners, upgrading or changing software systems is usually an opportunity to upgrade or change the business itself. A chance to try something different, make things easier or more efficient, or give a fresh interface for employees. However, if not implemented carefully, such changes can turn into costly, time-consuming nightmares, due to the various difficulties involved. For this reason, change management is a critical step when implementing any new software in a business.

28-Oct-2015 Xero

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Things small business owners need to know in tech this month

Technology is flipping the way small businesses deal with the world. Everything from automation to new ways of financing your operations, are all transforming the sector.
Here’s what small business owners can learn from the big tech news events this month.


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How to use LinkedIn effectively

I used to think that LinkedIn was just a networking tool to keep in touch with business contacts, associates, colleagues etc. But all of this changed recently, when I came across an entrepreneur called Alex Pirouz.

28-Sep-2015 Neto

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5 Ways to Optimise your Business for Local Search

Before we consider the ways to optimise your website for local search, let's see what local search really is, and why it is important for your business: If you ever used the Google now feature on an Android phone, have you noticed how Google is able to return the results for places to eat around you, or popular shopping destinations in the vicinity? Similarly, have you ever wondered how Siri on the iPhone is able to tell you how many good Italian restaurants are in your neighbourhood? Another example is a set of listings you see on Google desktop search.

28-Sep-2015 SimPRO

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How-to-cloud: Safely, simply, and securely back up everything

As a tech-enthusiast I’ve tried just about every web app, mobile app and cloud-service available. I’ve downloaded phone apps, and deleted them, signed up to this, downloaded that, and joined the next social platform, however, I’m pretty scrupulous. I’ll dig in and see what it’s going to do for me and if it isn’t going to change my life for the better overnight, I’ll delete and repeat.

28-Sep-2015 Unleashed

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Inventory Management Software: A necessity for business growth

A business that aims to scale successfully for growth needs to be able to meet the versatile demands of handling their inventory effectively. As a business expands the level of complexity and challenges for its most critical operations increase, too. Relying on outdated and ineffective systems to manage burgeoning inventory demands will not only stunt growth but could also potentially drive the business towards failure.

27-Sep-2015 Xero

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6 things small business owners need to know in tech this week

Technology is accelerating at lightning speed but its impact on small business, one of the world’s largest drivers of revenue and a huge contributor to every nation’s GDP, is rarely discussed.

26-Aug-2015 James & Wells

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Lessons learnt from top entrepreneurial inventors

Breakthrough ideas are often not embraced by large companies – particularly if they are not core business. So stated Charles Hull the inventor of 3D printing in the inventor’s session at the recent IP Global Business Congress in San Francisco.

26-Aug-2015 Xero

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The new look Xero Android app

We’re pleased to announce the biggest release since the native version of our Xero Android app. Every pixel of the dated Android 4.x ‘Holo’ look is gone! Xero now follows Google’s ‘Material’ design guidelines. We’ve revisited every single screen with an eye on consistency and #beautiful design. We think you’ll find it a vast improvement.

26-Aug-2015 Xero

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Can you run your business on your mobile?

I often get asked how small businesses should approach technology. My advice is always the same. To safeguard your business and improve operating efficiency, stay up to date. Small businesses have always been nimble – it’s our greatest strength. Constantly evolving tech is letting us to be more nimble and competitive than ever.

26-Aug-2015 Xero

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The top 4 benefits of cloud services

One of the greatest advantages of small businesses is their agility.
The ability to make quick decisions is what makes us so competitive. We’re nimble. Whether it’s launching a new product, responding to customer requests or changing a business’s focus altogether.

26-Aug-2015 GeoOp

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The “toolproof” way to improve small business productivity

You’re still likely to know someone who will tell you how much better things used to be before “technology”. This term covered anything from mobile phones to computers to fax machines to maybe even television sets. Whatever “it” was, it was to blame for making the modern world far too busy and far less human.

26-Aug-2015 Debtor Daddy

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Online payment options

As a customer, you want the payment process to be easy and as a business, you naturally want to get paid. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to consider what options you give your customers.

19-Aug-2015 WorkflowMax

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How to get paid faster

Invoicing clients should be fun - it’s the final step between your hard work and hard cash! But often it’s a stressful process filled with friction and sometimes fiction!

19-Aug-2015 eWAY

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eWAY - Easy Online Payments

Giving more payment options to your consumers is a proven way to increase sales and grow your business. eWAY's flexible, award-winning solutions make it easy to customise the payment process to suit your industry and your business.

19-Aug-2015 Xero

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Float - The simple cashflow forecasting tool for businesses

Float is an online cash management and forecasting tool that helps you manage your business and keep on top of your cash flow. By projecting your future cash in the bank it’s easier to make the right decisions for your business.

28-Jul-2015 Vend

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4 Tips for Training Your Staff on How to Use New Technology

Whether in a large corporation or a small retail store, implementing a new piece of software can be a daunting task. One of the largest mistakes an organization can make is overlooking the training investment required with new software.SoftwareInsider recently conducted a survey of potential software buyers and asked what the most important buying factor was when choosing a product. Here were the results:


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Inventory Management - More Than Just Controlling Your Stock

When asked what inventory management is, business owners often say it’s about keeping control over stock levels: optimising how much inventory your business holds, to minimise costs associated with inventory handling, obsolete stock, and logistics. While inventory management assists with all of these things, its benefits to a business extend far beyond this. With the software available today, a good stock management system can help with making better sales, customer retention, business data analytics, security, and cash flow.

28-Jul-2015 SimPRO

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Choosing the right smart device for field staff

Often we’re asked for recommendations on what devices to roll out to field staff. While we prefer not to recommend any one device, the following article may shed some light on how to go about making an informed decision.


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How Can Cloud Software Help a Manufacturing Business?

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a viable and effective tool for manufacturing businesses. While there is still room for improvement, the advances already made offer some great inventory management solutions. Many businesses are using it to some degree, although there remains a lack of understanding across the board as to how deeply it can be implemented. Most ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages now include cloud modules, and concerns around reliability and security are steadily being overcome.

28-Jul-2015 goRoster

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Why Turning To The Cloud Is The Best Decision For Your Business

Let’s set the scene. Close your eyes. Imagine.
A staunch, somewhat broad gentleman exhibiting a sunken in face, dressed in the latest season Hugo Boss navy suit and donning a pair of the most expensive Ted Baker shoes, opens the door to the office. His shoulders are drooped as if he were carrying the weight of the world on them. It’s 8:00pm. He walks down the hallway pretending to have purpose – trying his best not to let the onset exhaustion show.

27-Jul-2015 Xero

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7 business apps to take to the beach

Summer has finally arrived in the UK and Brits all over the place are no doubt collectively yearning for a beach holiday. But for small business owners, that heady feeling of freedom is often replaced by worry at the prospect of leaving their business at such a critical time.

23-Jun-2015 WorkflowMax

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A busy business owner’s guide to taming an out of control email inbox

Secretly, my ultimate goal is an empty inbox. I create folders and subfolders and diligently file emails away as soon as possible, or delete anything I no longer need. The thought of my inbox growing massive in number kind of scares me - an irrational fear that if it grows beyond a certain amount, it’s too late to be saved, and I’d just have to give up and let it run wild. Some might call it OCD, I just like to call it ‘organised’.

23-Jun-2015 Xero

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Cafe owner shares 5 tips for growing your business with technology

If you’d asked anyone 10 years ago about how important technology was in running a successful café, they probably would have responded: not at all!

But today, we are increasingly seeing small businesses embrace technology to grow and be more relevant to their clients.

23-Jun-2015 Spotlight Reporting

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Making Data Meaningful for your Business

Raw data describes the facts and figures that a business processes every day. Over time, every business hoards a certain amount of data and it only becomes information to a business after it has been processed to add context, relevance and purpose.

26-May-2015 WorkflowMAX

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Go green! 10 easy ways small businesses can make their office more eco-friendly

Making your office a little greener is not just a great way to do your bit towards a healthier and more sustainable planet, it can also give your business a point of differentiation, while also helping your bottom line.

26-May-2015 GeoOp

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Why Change What You’ve Always Done?

Job Management Software is a new market. Anyone using it is ahead of the game. Those that have adopted it name three key reasons for abandoning their old ways. ‘ Needless extra admin’, ‘Scheduling the workforce was painful’ and ‘We have had poor visibility of job progress’ are the top three.


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Selecting a cloud inventory solution for an ecommerce business

A cloud inventory solution is one of the most important tools for an ecommerce business. Cloud inventory is the core of your operations, providing the infrastructure and technology needed to manage goods. There are many great cloud solutions which integrate with multiple marketplaces, shopping carts, and accounting platforms.

26-May-2015 Vend

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6 Big Mistakes Retailers Make When Dealing with Data

It’s no question that data is a godsend for many retailers. Analytics can help you get to know your business better and can enable you spot trends, identify problems, and plan for the future. Data also empowers you to make more reliable decisions in just about every area of your business, including sales, inventory, staffing, and more.

26-Mar-2015 Alpha Digital

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How to write SEO Friendly Product Descriptions

We understand that SEO can be a bit of a mysterious beast. So we reached out to our friends from Alpha Digital, to share some of their best practice tips to help you make your product descriptions SEO friendly.

24-Feb-2015 WorkflowMax

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Digital Storage: The Efficiency Advantage

If you're running a small business - and there are nearly 30 million of you in the U.S. alone - then you know the old adage rings true: Time really is money.

24-Feb-2015 Xero

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Five tips to create sales quotes that get accepted

Small businesses win work by using sales quotes (also known as price quotes). Yet they often don’t realise that how they prepare and create quotes can cost them business. Many lose revenue by not following up on quotes or turning quotes around fast enough.

24-Feb-2015 Debtor Daddy

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Rust (and debt) never sleeps

Rust never sleeps’ was supposedly the tagline for a 1970s advertising campaign for a rust-inhibitor product called Rustoleum. Although the phrase found far more traction as an album title for legendary Canadian rocker Neil Young, it resonates with us here at Debtor Daddy because it echoes one of our favourite sayings that “Debt never sleeps”.

24-Feb-2015 WorkflowMax

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You've Got Data - Now What? Making data meaningful to your business

We live in a globally connected, digital economy. In this world the all-pervasive force is data. So much so that is has become to the digital economy, what oil was to the industrial. There has never been a better time to use data to drive your business performance.

10-Feb-2015 Vend

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How to Collect Data in Your Store and Four Ways to Use It

Retail stores have long been collecting basic details (i.e. name and email) on their customers. Now, with the help of some nifty retail cloud solutions, it’s possible to collect so much more.

11-Jan-2015 Xero

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Welcome to Xero software

Xero accounting software is designed to revolutionise the way small businesses manage their finances.


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Workflow Management Software - WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is a web based workflow management solution used by creative agencies, accounting and consulting practices and even tradesmen to manage their businesses from quoting and job costing, through to invoicing and reporting.

02-Dec-2014 WorkflowMax

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Why You Need to Stop Feeling Guilty About Charging For Your Time

I had a conversation with a good friend last week that got me thinking. She has recently started some contract work after having a baby. She’s working from home; juggling motherhood and meetings, feeding and phone calls, and managing suppliers in between managing nap times.

02-Dec-2014 WorkflowMax

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10 Tricks You Didn't Know to Improve Your Use of Gmail

More than just a search engine, Google offers a whole host of free tools for using the web. By far one of its most popular is gmail - Google’s free web client that allows users to choose their own email address and send and receive unlimited messages.

02-Dec-2014 Employment Innovations

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Twelve and a half reasons to use a Paperless Onboarding System

Replacing paper based forms with Paperless Onboarding Systems and Paperless Induction Systems is the fastest and easiest way to make employment administration more efficient and cost effective.

01-Nov-2014 WorkflowMax

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5 Ways Cloud Technology Will Spring Clean Your Office Systems

Spring has arrived down here in the southern hemisphere, but wherever you are in the world, now is as good a time as ever to give the office a seasonal spruce-up.

13-Aug-2014 GeoOp

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3 reasons why your Business can benefit from Cloud Computing

Embracing new technology can be difficult for many companies.

They want to make sure that it will be easy to integrate into the workplace and that it is a value added alternative to existing ways of performing tasks or producing items.

05-Aug-2014 Expensify Blog

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Keep It Simple: How to Organize Just Enough

With so many tools and apps that claim to increase organization or productivity, how do we find out which tools will actually help and not hinder our workflow? At Expensify, our approach is to keep it simple; forget the apps and stick to what’s tried and true. Here are a few core principles that help us stay productive; try them out and let us know what you think!

07-Jul-2014 Debtor Daddy

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Debtor Daddy - Set & Forget Credit Control

Debtor Daddy is a brilliant credit control app that works alongside Xero to help you get your invoices paid faster. It's an automated reminder system that sends up to 5 email reminders to your customers if they don't pay their invoices by the due date.

07-Jul-2014 Receipt Bank

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Receipt Bank: Adding Bank Accounts

Receipt Bank allows you to add in details of your bank accounts and payment methods in order to help us categorise your receipts and invoices even more efficiently!

03-May-2014 WorkflowMax

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IT Services – 4 Tricks for Improving Support Ticket Responses

When you've had a computer crash, or you've got a software issue that's preventing you from doing a certain job, or you're terrified that you've wasted money on something that doesn't work, you're even more susceptible to taking offence to written messages. This is why customers dealing with email support are often more sensitive than other type of customers.