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Franking credits and your SMSF

What are franking credits and how do they benefit SMSFs? We explore the impact a proposed policy change may have on the earnings of your SMSF


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Downsizer Contributions

Just how can you take advantage of the new legislation now available to top up your super fund if you are over 65

28-Oct-2015 Taxjar

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How to Prevent a Sales Tax Filing Hangover

Many, many states had sales tax filings due yesterday, October 20th. Yesterday evening I was chatting with an FBA seller who had waited until the last minute and told me, “I wish there were 48 hours in this day!” Luckily she was a TaxJar customer so it turned out her sales tax filings were quick and painless!

28-Oct-2015 SimPRO

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How to avoid estimating mistakes for large projects

Inaccurate estimations can cause drawbacks in the process of important projects. An electrical contractor who ends up buying more materials than is truly needed, for example, might waste a lot of money. And, inversely, an electrical contractor who purchases less than the job requires might miss lower prices offered by wholesale arrangements, and waste time procuring all the necessary items for the completion of the project.

28-Oct-2015 Vend

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9 Seasonal Staffing Tips to Help You Build a Winning Workforce for the Holidays

Being the busiest shopping season of the year, retail sales during the holiday months can account for as much as 20-40% of a retailer’s annual sales. That’s a lot of revenue–and it takes a lot of additional work to achieve. That’s why the holiday season always brings about a spike in temp hiring.
If you’re one of the many merchants looking to hire seasonal employees in the next few months, it’s high time that you start looking, vetting and training people. Remember, you’re competing with a lot of other retailers for talent these days, so the sooner you get started, the better.

28-Oct-2015 Employment Innovations

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Are Brand and Culture Interchangeable?

Culture is recognised as the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a society. When it comes to business, it’s importance can carry even more weight. When we think about a business’ culture, we think of the values, behaviours and attributes of your people.

28-Oct-2015 Xero

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Find out what type of entrepreneur you are

Entrepreneurs come in different shapes and sizes. Which type are you?

There’s an old saying attributed to Mark Twain: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” That’s certainly true of business. Time and again I’ve read that the most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who left school in their early teens and set up their own businesses.

28-Oct-2015 WorkflowMax

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How to nurture your top talent and keep them for the long haul

You’ve got all this amazing talent, ideas are firing, business is thriving, you wake up every day feeling really lucky to be doing what you do. But one day it all starts to go downhill. People are leaving, HR is in overdrive and unfamiliar faces are springing up left right and center as freelancers start filling in the gaps...

28-Oct-2015 Employment Hero

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The Future of HR is...

What do you think when you think of HR?
Administrative? Transactional? Boring?
Yep, the traditional human resources department hasn’t got the best rep. And for good reason – it’s where the business dots the i’s and crosses the t’s, where policies and processes are fine-tuned. It’s not exactly thrilling stuff.

28-Oct-2015 Unleashed

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4 very good reasons to hold inventory

Inventory is considered to be one of the most important assets of a business. Its management needs to be proactive, accurate and efficient. Whilst holding either too much or too little inventory places a burden on both productivity and profitability, it is still essential for most businesses to hold a sufficient quantity of inventory at all times.