Payroll in Xero is flying in the UK. Since its launch earlier this year, our customers in the UK have processed nearly £200 million of employee pay using it. Our Payroll team has been focused on extending and refining the core experience of using Payroll in Xero, guided by feedback from the thousands of businesses, accountants and bookkeepers that are now using it every month.

2015_SEP_UK_XERO - Introducing more flexibility for UK Payroll

This feedback also gives us confidence that we have a solid functional roadmap to extend capability around key areas like auto-enrolment in readiness for the huge number of small employers who will begin their pension journeys in 2016. You can read more about auto enrolment, workplace pensions and our plans here.

A number of business owners and accountants also asked us for more flexibility with purchasing options for Payroll in Xero. So I’m pleased to share today that we’ll be adding more choice in that regard from 19 October.

From the conversations we’ve had over the summer, we expect that many will be pleased to hear you’ll soon be able to add Payroll to any of our three regular Xero plans – Starter, Standard and Premium – for just £5 per month for five employees.

And to offer more choice for larger employers, you’ll also be able to add single employees for just £1 per employee per monthly billing cycle beyond the first five employees.

New Xero UK plans and pricing from 19 October 2015

Note: Prices exclude VAT.

If you’re already a Xero customer using Standard or Premium plans, and you’ve processed a pay run since 1 April, you will not be immediately affected by these changes. You’ll still have the price and plan you signed up with locked in for the next 12 months. So, if you’re on Premium 10, then you’ll stay on Premium 10 for 12 months unless you change your plan.

For customers who chose the two year price promotion we ran when Payroll in Xero launched in the spring, then no changes will happen. Your pricing will remain in place until 30 March 2017. From 31 March 2017 you’ll be migrated to the new pricing plans.

There may be some situations in which one of the new pricing plans is a better fit for your business. We encourage you to review the new plans and select the plan that works best for your situation. Please note that once you change to a new plan, you won’t be able to go back to the old one.

If you’d prefer to stay on the current pricing plans, or you want to lock them in for another business, then all you need to do is upgrade to Standard or one of our Premium plans before 30 September, and process a pay run in Payroll.

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