Dr David Hansen

Dr David Hansen BEc(Hons), PhD (Bus Admin), MIPA,CTA

I started my early working career as a radiographer in hospitals and private practice before returning to university and doing my Accounting degree. I excelled at university and was asked to do an honours degree while lecturing in Accounting and Auditing at the University.

After successfully completing my bachelor degree and CPA qualifications, I joined a radiology practice as their Business Manager that was subsequently taken over by a public company. While working, I continued my studies extending on my honours thesis with a PhD. After a number of years in corporate business, I began my own private tax services firm.

As a founding director of Guardian Partners, I have specialised in the burgeoning field of Superannuation. I concentrate on working with clients who want to take control of their future and lay a solid financial base for their retirement. After their retirement, I continue to work with clients establishing estate plans and working on succession plans for them and their family members.